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Why Choose Home Automation?

Home automation is using a control system to control anything electrical in the home. We commonly control devices for home entertainment, bespoke security and mood lighting. A Home Automation system can aid convenience and save energy – the larger the house the greater the justification for a bespoke system.

We can design and install your ultimate smart home system providing equipment, planning and install whilst integrating your existing technology.

Keeping You and Yours Safe

Your home is your sanctuary; make it secure without it feeling like a fortress. Our smart home systems can keep your family safe at home and look after your house while you are away. Here are just some of the ways we can give you great peace of mind:

  • Arm your house with alarm systems, CCTV and intercoms
  • See who’s at the door even when you’re not home
  • Pause the TV when the doorbell rings, or set your doorbell system to do not disturb when you just want a quiet night in
  • View your cameras from your phone, anywhere in the world, or on TV screens in your house
  • Automatically close blinds, turn off TVs and some lights when you leave the house

Making Your Place the Place to Be

Home cinemas are the ultimate in entertainment, whether you’re having friends over or enjoying a quiet night in as a family. You may want a dedicated room with comfortable recliners, a large screen and surround sound. This room can be designed from top to bottom for optimal sound absorption and reverberation. Alternatively, you may prefer a media room where you can lounge around watching television and roll out the big screen for feature films. Either way, this room should have the perfect audio, visual and lighting setup to get that movie night vibe without leaving the house.

Multi-room TV means no more arguing over what to watch, as everyone can view whatever they want wherever they want! Plus, you can avoid having unsightly Virgin or Sky boxes in your room, with all of your video sources instead in one central location.

Sitting in the garden, running a bath or doing some lengths in the pool? Wherever you are, you can enjoy your music with audio everywhere, thanks to speakers installed discreetly within your decor. Play the same music throughout the house so everyone can enjoy it during a party, or set different music for every room so the whole family can hear their favourite songs with high-quality sound.

Set the Scene with Lighting, Shading and Climate Control

From vibrant lights in your kitchen or gym to dimmed down for movie night, there’s a lighting setting for every occasion. Smart lighting is a great way to set the scene, and there are many other benefits of using automated lighting. Reduce your utility bill by controlling when your lights go on and off, give the illusion of occupancy for increased security when you’re not home or control lots of lights from a subtle touchpad rather than a huge array of switches. Your favourite scenes can be programmed into your keypad to quickly adjust your lighting to perfection, without any extra clutter on your walls. You can also choose from several faceplate designs to fit in with your home’s aesthetics – and your lighting keypad can trigger music, blinds, heating and more, too.

What if you could set your blinds and curtains to automatically open or close? Not only can you set your blinds to open in the morning, you can programme them to close at certain times for added security when you're away.

Warming up to the idea of smart home automation? You can set your home to be the perfect temperature with integrated climate control. Your underfloor heating, radiators and air conditioning can all be set through your control panel or on your phone from anywhere in the world.


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