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We have carefully selected our Electric Underfloor Heating systems for their high quality, their affordability, but also for their ease of installation. Our self-adhesive mat kits are particularly simple to install, even for those who are laying underfloor heating for the first time. However, sometimes, it's a relief to be able to leave it to the professionals, and take advantage of our full installation service.


Our teams of fully certified electrical installers have years of experience in the underfloor heating and construction industry. With all that combined knowledge, you can rest assured that you are getting the best possible advice for your underfloor heating project. Our installers will do the hard work for you doing all

Installation costs

Our experienced installers have an in-depth knowledge of our electric underfloor heating systems and so can quickly, efficiently and, above all, meticulously install your system. This not only ensures that your underfloor heating has been properly installed without taking up any more of your valuable time than necessary, it also means that, as a result of the speedy installation, our rates are very competitive. Every project is different and so for a free and accurate estimation for your project, whether domestic or commercial, please get in touch.

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