Fire Alarm and Emergency Light Installers in Milton Keynes

At RDC Electrical, we offer our fire alarm and emergency lighting services to all properties throughout Milton Keynes. Over the years, we gained extensive knowledge and a vast amount of experience in all areas of the electrical trade, allowing us to assist and accommodate all of our customer's fire alarm and emergency lighting needs.

Fire Alarms

Fire alarms are an essential security feature in any property as they ensure in the event of a fire, those within the property are notified of the issue, keeping them as safe as possible, at all times.

By law, properties must have a sufficient number of fire alarms around the property, based on their size. At RDC Electrical, we are able to advise all property owners who are unsure of this, based on the specific size of their property.

Our fire alarm services include installing new alarms as well as replacing or maintaining the alarm systems, whenever required. It is crucial these services are carried out by a professional team of electricians like ourselves to ensure the alarms are left in a working, safe condition once the service is complete.

Emergency Lighting

Emergency light features are often seen as an essential security feature for commercial businesses in the event of an emergency on the premises. These lighting aspects ensure those within the property are aware of the nearest exit positions if they need to get out of the property as quickly as possible.

We work with a variety of different emergency lighting types, allowing us to accommodate all of our customer's specific requirements, no matter what.

We work with the ethos that safety is key with any work carried out within a property, and ensure all regulations are adhered to for the duration of any service carried out by our team, keeping the property and those within it as safe as possible at all times. This way, you can put your confidence in us that your property is in safe hands whilst undergoing a fire alarm or emergency lighting service.

If you are looking for a team of professionally trained electricians to assist you with your fire alarm or emergency lighting requirements, look no further than RDC Electrical in Milton Keynes. Why not give us a call today on 07557028042 for a no-obligation quote or any further information you may require.

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